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We always use them in our daily lives.
Subtle colors for a rich and enjoyable life Tenma’s brands

Daily necessities we use without any thought. Our products provide unobtrusive support in our customers’ lives; many do not realize immediately that they are using a range of Tenma products, including storage cases, clothes driers, garbage cans, and more.

Each of our products incorporates a “superb quality” and “specific features and design.” We constantly strive to make life comfortable for everyone.

We are pleased to introduce Tenma’s brands to add a little color to your life.

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We offer many products long adored by our customers, including the “Fits” brand, which has sold more than 100 million units in total, in addition to "ROX"and"Iretoko".

We have a full lineup of usable products for closets, showers, living rooms, outdoors, and various other situations.

We develop products with functionality to solve the minor problems you encounter when storing things. We focus on quality to provide support in your daily life in an unobtrusive manner.


Strage Series

Fits Case
Fits case

The Fits case is the representative product for [Storage]. This trusted brand has long been a customer favorite.

Fits Units
Fits unit

Drawers that can be opened and closed smoothly and easily. This high-quality storage case has a built-in “aluminum reinforcing plate” in the front frame section.

Fits Plus
Fits plus

It has a sleek interior design with an easy-lock function for ease of use and peace of mind. The sides and back have a protective wall structure that guards against dust contamination.


Cute, retro plastic utensil boxes. Lightweight and easy to handle, yet stylish and cute♪ You can use these storage boxes as a personal utensil box or display them as interior decorations.


This locking lid-type case comes in various sizes and has a sturdy body design.

Wide-opening Containers
Wide Opening Container

It is designed for easy life-up of heavy items.
Holds up to four 18L kerosene cans. Designed for easy removal of heavy items. It is equipped with a fastener to which a commercially available padlock can be attached for security.

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Miscellaneous everyday sundries

We have a full lineup of brands such as “Polish,” which specializes in laundry products, “Fabier,” which offers high performance kitchen storage, and “e-Labo,” which is packed with several special features. As these products were developed from the customer’s perspective and are designed to solve the small problems occurring in daily life, we have received a lot of positive feedback since these products went on sale.

We utilize the technical expertise that we have cultivated over the years to produce a lineup of durable and long-lasting products.


Daily Sundries Series

Polish Clothes Dryer
PORISH Clothes Dryer

Comes complete and easy-to-assemble with no tools required. Equipped with casters for easy mobility. When not in use, it can be folded for compact storage.

Polish Brilliant Hanger Series (Renewal)
PORISH KAREINA laundry hanger Series (Renewal)

Brilliant pinch hanger made of sturdy material and equipped with useful features such as tangle-free clips.

Polish Basic Hanger Series
PORISH Basic Hanger Series

This series of cloth hangers uses the concept of being “light, easy to use, and simple.” The simple design is complemented by special features that assist with daily laundry.

Quick and Easy! Aluminum-coated Ironing Board
Quick and Easy! Aluminum-coated Ironing Board

This is a very convenient ironing board, made by paying attention to both shape and materials used. Make ironing at home more comfortable.

Kitchen Wires
Kitchen wire

Stylish kitchen wire series is now available in a white finish! A total of 29 items are available for use in the bathroom/toilet and kitchen utensil storage! Furthermore, the items designed for use around water have a rust-resistant finish!

e-Labo Home Smart Pail
e-Labo Home Smart Pail

Combining six types of bodies and seven types of lids, this dust box can be used in various daily situations.

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Many people think of Tenma as a storage company, but we also offer products for other purposes. As a manufacturer close to the lives of our customers, we will continue to focus on the development of products in genres other than storage items.

While maintaining the strict quality standards we have developed over the years, we will continue to listen to the everyday problems our customers face to and develop products that add more color to their homes.


Other Series

Fits Work

We have items to solve your desk-related problems. Make your office “clean and comfortable” with Fits Work.

Beauty Style
Be Style

This is a storage series for house entrances that focuses on “usability” and “sizing design.” The items in Beauty Style create a “comfortable entrance space.”

Soft Storage Cases
Soft Storage Cases

This is a shape-stabilizing soft plastic storage case that can be used in several scenarios. Washable and long-lasting.

More Plus

These hexagonal storage cases allow you to freely arrange and enjoy many combinations. They can be used in three different ways depending on the application.

Folding Steps
Folding step

The colorful hues of these stylish step ladders are a perfect match to the fashionable design of the product. When not in use, they can be folded compactly for easy storage.

Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Accessories

These bathroom products are packed with features that make bathing more pleasant.

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