Hirohiko Hirono, President and CEO Photo Hirohiko Hirono, President and CEO Photo
President and Representative Director
Hirohiko Hirono

A prosperous society in which people and plastics coincide in harmony

Tenma Group will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2049.
I believe that we need to initiate a new phase as we aspire to become a centennial company. Our long-term vision “Aiming to realize a prosperous society in which people and plastics coincide in harmony” is part of this effort. The group’s two core businesses are manufacturing and selling both in-house developed products (houseware) and industrial products (contracted manufacturing).

Each business has different characteristics. While utilizing these differences to create better products is a great strength, our two businesses also have some commonalities. It is our commitment to quality. The group’s shared value is to continuously provide high-quality products, which lies at the core of the trust that we have garnered. Further, in recent years, the term “quality” has been imbued with concepts such as environmental and social qualities.

The plastics industry is entering a time of great change. Environmental issues such as climate change and ocean pollution are unavoidable. A wide range of issues must be addressed, such as whether to continue using petrochemicals or switch to biomass and how to construct manufacturing processes to achieve carbon neutrality.

However, at the same time, plastics have become integral to people’s lives. Our group has been dealing with plastics for many years. Our chief mission is to tackle the proper use of plastics to help solve various issues facing society, including environmental issues, providing appropriate information, and developing new technologies and products.

Since its establishment, the group has grown together with its employees, customers, and other stakeholders under our corporate motto of “Trust, Hope, Love.” We are now taking another look at our company creed and management philosophy, deepening our understanding of them and promoting efforts to raise employee awareness. This is because responding to social changes and contributing to solving environmental issues stem from having all our staff aware of and working on these issues in their daily duties.

The materialities outlined in May 2022 are important issues the group should prioritize and address. They were formulated by incorporating global imperatives such as SDGs and considering our Third Medium-Term Management Plan and Long-Term Vision. By addressing these materialities throughout the group led by the Sustainability Promotion Committee, we will progress toward achieving a “prosperous society in which people and plastics coincide in harmony.”

Basic Sustainability Policy

Basic Sustainability Policy Image photo Basic Sustainability Policy Image photo

The Tenma Group will promote sustainable management emphasizing ESG (environment, society, and governance) according to its corporate motto and management philosophy as an essential part of actualizing its long-term vision of creating “an affluent society where people and plastics exist in harmony.”

We maintain harmony between the global environment and society in high regard. We work to enhance our corporate value in a sustainable manner by recognizing risks and opportunities and working to resolve any issues. We will strategically promote sustainability activities throughout the group to help build a sustainable society.

In all of our business activities, we promote initiatives that help prevent global warming, preserve biodiversity, and create a recycling-oriented society.
We respect the fundamental human rights that should be embraced by all.
We consider the safety, security, and health of our employees to be the foundation of our corporate growth, and we strive to improve the working environment, value diversity, and actively work to foster human resources.
We will develop and promote a risk management system to prevent the occurrence of any business-associated risks and minimize the impact of such risks when they do occur.
We are committed to providing quality and sustainable products and services, as well as appropriate information, to help achieve prosperous lifestyles for all people.
In our supply activities, we will deepen partnerships with our suppliers and strive for co-existence and co-prosperity through fair and equitable transactions.
We will engage in responsible dialog with all stakeholders, build strong relationships of trust, and disclose information promptly and appropriately.
We aim to be a truly global company and ensure fair and transparent management.
We will contribute to the sustainable development of society by making full use of the management resources we have cultivated over the years to enhance our corporate value and strive to solve social issues.

June 9, 2022

Promotion System

In May 2022, we established the Sustainability Promotion Committee to promote sustainability activities throughout the group strategically. The committee engages in sustainability-related activities centered on promoting materiality initiatives, employee awareness-raising, and disseminating information regarding stakeholders.

In promoting initiatives related to materialities, we have established a working group with members from each department and group company as necessary and have built a system wherein the entire group works together to address the issues.

Promotion system chart Promotion system chart

Tenma Group Materialities

The Tenma Group has identified key issues that should be prioritized as materialities of Tenma from the perspective of both stakeholders and the group.

The 8 materialities and 21 components are closely related to the medium-term management plan. Addressing these points will help us achieve the group’s vision and resolve social issues.

We will continue to formulate, implement, evaluate, and disclose KPIs in accordance with our policies for addressing materialities and their components.

Category Theme Materiality Element Initiative policies
Global Environmental
Climate Change
Mitigation and Adaptation
GHG emissions reduction The company aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 by making direct and indirect efforts to reduce GHG emissions.
Environmental Conservation Activities We will promote environmental conservation efforts by addressing sustainable water resources, biodiversity, and other issues.
Actualizing the Economy
Promotion of the 3Rs In addition to developing environment-friendly products, we consider the products and raw materials discarded during previous economic activities to be “resources” and promote initiatives to utilize them once more by recycling and reusing them.
Use of environmentally friendly resin (Renewable) We will promote the use of environment-friendly resins to reduce the need for petrochemical-derived plastics, which are a dwindling resource.
Category Theme Materiality Element Initiative policies
Production & Consumption
Safety & Security
Further Improvement of Quality We will work to strengthen our quality assurance system in accordance with our quality policy.
Environmental Awareness Promotion
We will promote efforts to properly recognize the “usefulness” and “environmental impact” of plastics and to promote efforts to inform the public about “sustainability in plastics.”
Reducing Environmental Impact by Enhancing Plastic Processing Technology We will continue to enhance our plastic processing technologies to provide the safest and most reliable products and reduce our environmental impact by reducing the use of petrochemical-derived plastics.
Supply Chain
We will work collaboratively throughout our supply chain to address environmental and human rights issues and further strengthen our sustainable supply system.
Addressing Supply Risks We will promote initiatives to reduce risks associated with supply, such as geopolitical and price volatility risks.
Human Rights and Diversity
Diverse Human Resource
Respect for Human Rights Based on our human rights policy, we will promote efforts to respect the human rights of all people associated with the group, in addition to promoting the establishment of human rights due diligence and remedial and corrective systems.
A Company Worth Working For We will promote initiatives to create an environment wherein employees are motivated and proud of their work.
Local Communities
We recognize the issues faced by local communities and strive for co-existence and co-prosperity with them by helping them solve these issues.
Fair and Impartial Personnel Evaluations We will introduce a personnel evaluation system that is fair and impartial as part of our efforts to create a fulfilling workplace.
Human Resource Development Human resource development is essential for corporate growth, and we will promote initiatives to enhance our training and development programs to foster employee development.
Safe & Secure
A Comfortable Workplace
We will promote initiatives that consider maintaining a safe and secure work environment as well as our employees’ mental and physical health.
Category Theme Materiality Element Initiative policies
Corporate Activities
Corporate Infrastructure
Strengthening Governance We will strengthen our corporate foundations and promote initiatives to practice fair and transparent management to ensure the sustainability of the company’s growth and increase its corporate value.
Strengthening Management Systems We will promote efforts to reinforce the unified management system within our group and to optimize its management.
Ongoing BCP
To respond to a drastic increase in natural disasters in recent years and several other risks, we will appropriately assess those risks and promote efforts to create and update BCPs.
Category Theme Materiality Element Initiative policies
Value creation
Value creation
Creation of Business Areas through the Provision of Solutions to Social Issues We will promote efforts to expand new business areas by recognizing social issues and uncovering specific needs.
DX Promotion We will promote sustainable management that enhances corporate competitiveness and sustainable growth by providing new customer experiences in addition to the advancement and optimization of operations by using digital technology.
Production System Reforms To meet diversifying consumer needs, the company will make further efforts to reform its production system to accommodate high-mix, low-volume production and to improve production efficiency through automation.

Materiality Identification Process


Identifying and organizing issues

Issues relevant to the Minebea Group and its stakeholders are identified and organized with reference to GRI and SASB Standards, RBA, SDGs, trends at other companies, among others.


Extracting issues from an ideal state

We will discuss and identify issues based on future projections of the ideal state of our group with the heads of each department, the heads of each group company, and employees in their 20s and 30s.

Extraction of issues from the ideal state Photo Extraction of issues from the ideal state Photo

Importance/priority assessment

The management committee members examine the issues identified in Step 1 and Step 2 to evaluate their importance and priority from different perspectives.

Importance/priority evaluation diagram Importance/priority evaluation diagram

Materiality Identification

Exchange opinions with external experts on issues identified in Step 3 and take decisions after incorporating the objective perspectives of the board of directors .


Address and review identified materialities

The materialities identified will be reviewed regularly to better respond to social needs and changes in the business environment. This is also to promote group-wide efforts by establishing necessary working groups with members from each department and group company.