Management Philosophy

Sharing the excitement and joy
~Faith, Hope, Love~

Our management philosophy is to “share excitement and joy by manufacturing and selling products. - Have a ‘Happy life with TENMA.’” This is based on our company motto, “Faith, Hope, Love.”

This means there are no limits to sharing excitement and joy through our products.

By manufacturing and selling products, employees help each other, unite toward the common goal of providing better products to all customers, and share their excitement and joy. Moreover, we want our business partners to be “excited and happy to deal in products from Tenma.” We hope that consumers will be “excited and happy to have bought products from Tenma.”

Although our plastic products are physical items (goods), we do not simply manufacture and sell them. We imbue each product with a message conveying emotion and joy. We put our heart and soul into each product we deliver to our customers


Tenma’s Action Guidelines

All Tenma executives and employees shall act with integrity and responsibility according to the following guidelines to fulfil our management philosophy.

1 Environment and Safety We will work proactively to protect the environment and ensure safety.
2 Reform We see change as an opportunity and strive to achieve technological innovation.
3 Customer Satisfaction We provide the highest quality products and services to meet the requirements of our customers.
4 Compliance We obey all laws and company rules and act according to our conscience.
5 Self-expression We strive to improve ourselves and become world-class professionals.
6 Transparency We strive to communicate with outside parties and disclose corporate information in an appropriate and timely manner.
7 Increased corporate value We aim to increase corporate value by practicing the above guidelines.