Happy life with TENMA Happy life with TENMA
Through making and selling products
Share impression and joy.

TENMA Journal


We share our passion and joy by creating and selling our products.

We do not simply manufacture and sell products
but create products imbued with emotion and joy.
We pour our heart and soul into each product before delivering them to our customers.



Tenma aims to achieve “a prosperous society in which people and plastics coincide in harmony”
through the manufacture and sale of plastic products.


Based on our corporate motto and management philosophy, the Tenma Group is committed to promoting sustainable management. It emphasizes ESG (environment, society, and governance) as an integral part of its long-term vision to achieve “a prosperous society where people and plastics coincide in harmony” and to help achieve a sustainable society.

About sustainability

Employment Opportunities

Tenma hires new graduates and mid-career workers.
We look forward to receiving your application.