Dividends and Shareholder Returns

Basic policy on profit sharing

Shareholder benefit program

We thank our shareholders for their daily support, and we will continue to receive the understanding and support of our business from more shareholders, making our investment in our shares more attractive and holding it over the medium to long term. We are implementing a shareholder benefit program with the aim of increasing the number of shareholders who can receive it.

Eligible Shareholders

Shareholders who hold 100 or more shares and are registered or recorded on the shareholder roster as of March 31 are eligible.

Shareholder Benefit

Gift our original "Quo Card" worth of 1,000 yen (once a year)

Basic policy graph regarding profit distribution

The Time of Benefit

We will enclose our original Quo Card along with Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders Convocation Notice, Voting Rights Exercise Form and etc. and send to the registered address in early June every year.